Italo Calvino was born in 1923 in Cuba.

Let's kiss.

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Dalton requires special attention.

Seth runs a food bank in London.

The words were from a very old language.

I still think it's unlikely that he'll come today.

He helps out in his father's store.

What can you give me?

We have a good crop of tomatoes this year.

I didn't expect anything like this to happen.

Dr. Clark, may I ask a favor of you?


Sometimes when people are uncomfortable they smile.


Marie played.

Dan was disfigured following a car accident.

Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don't have for something they don't need.

I was frightened by the sight.

Maybe we shouldn't be doing this.

Many people who hear Cristina speaking French think he's a native speaker.

Bring my notebook back to me, please.

I don't take drugs.

I ran for my life.


I hope Polly remembers how to do this.


I am planning to go to Europe next week.


I know that you're currently writing a book.

Are you a singer?

Gill just sat there and said nothing.

Hey, you know you're not allowed in here.

Isn't that what Mike said?

Even the correct use of participles doesn't guarantee you that you'll be understood.

In boxing, jabs are less powerful than crosses and upper cuts.

I want to go back to my cubicle.

Antonella might come.

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A critic once said that if you saw my ballet paintings, you didn't have to go to a live performance.

I'll eat the apple.

He will do it.

Nothing else makes sense.

You'll be busy.

I addressed the envelope containing the invitation.

Can you mail this letter for me?

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I have several Canadian friends.

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You must be mad!

The room is richly ornamented.

It obviously wasn't an accident.

If that's what you want to do, I'll help you do it.

He is less impatient than his father.

We've had success doing that.

It's a bad time right now.

She's going to regret this.

Everyone hurried outside.

I can't lift a suitcase heavier than 30 kilos.

Do you still get in touch with them?

I gave my plans away.

Thank you for your detailed explanation.

I'm an idealist. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way.

Some scientists believe that the greenhouse effect is imaginary.

I don't feel like celebrating.

You and Tuan used to go fishing together, didn't you?

I was good at it.

That is long.

Today week I'll be in England.

She went to a posh school.

I need to get to school.

To hear him speak, you'd take him for a foreigner.


I'm washing my hands of the guilt.


God only knows where he has gone.

The power went out.

This is perfectly conceivable.


Why did you use up all the money?

This is an oxymoron.

There are a lot of dishes on the table.

Just put those packages anywhere.

Piet was asleep in bed, snoring slightly.

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Since you're going to the dorm, can you tell Erkin to come over here?


All of them are connected.

Excuse me just a moment.

They're not farmers.


The little girl put her arm around his neck, and looked into his eye, but she could see nothing.


Look at how long they are!

Jean added a room to his house.

I've explained the problem to Rajesh.

Emil consulted a dream dictionary in order to interpret his nightmare.

You shall judge of a man by his foes as well as by his friends.

Let me call him.

It's cold.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Isaac doesn't like to travel.


I can't believe she just did that.

I turned 16.

This is the epiphany I've been waiting for!

What's Subra been doing all day?

Herb planted three apple trees in his yard.

It's impossible to make a generalization with such poorly obtained data.

I'll tell my wife.

I don't mind it at all.

I am in Russia.

I love doing things and crossing them off my to-do list.

What's the best sleeping position?

I don't work your land.

Hitoshi knows a lot about computers.

Here's an even better one.

The public housing superintendent used to receive bribes from the aging tenant.

Don't you see the connection?

She treated him for a broken leg.

We had no choice except to put up with it.

Carlo started to get angry.

I was talking about something else.

I learned many things in this lesson.

That won't happen.

He is ashamed of his father being poor.


Of course you understand.

Farting in an elevator is wrong on so many levels.

They went to Boston.

Can we just skip that?

Kayvan only thinks about making money.

Does he know why Harvey doesn't want to go to Boston with us?

I don't recommend it.


We went to a firework festival.

I wasn't prepared for this.

A good name is better than wealth.


Our teacher advanced the date of the exam.

She partied with some high school friends.

You're not the only one who's afraid.

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He is a yogi.

I don't like him either.

Don't pry into the affairs of others.

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She's not bad.

I wish you didn't have so many problems.

The space station is designed to be a permanent orbiting research facility. Its major purpose is to perform world-class science and research that only a microgravity environment can provide.

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Don't worry, I will protect her.

Some people have no shame.

Joel almost passed out from the pain.


I can see you're busy, so I'll get right to the point.

Excuse me. I'd like to point out three errors in the above article.

I went to work by car.

What are they dancing to?

Paul isn't going to fire Monica.


Micky noticed an envelope on Jesper's desk.

I like to make faces at him.

You will never get him to agree.

If you really have grounds for acting the way you did, then please tell me.

It looks like they have made up again.

Her house is near the sea.

Time will show which of us is right.

I will come tomorrow.

"Thank you for clawing me," Taninna told her cat.

Who is more intelligent?

Everybody expected that the experiment would result in failure.

I hate everything about you.

I don't know about you, but I'm starving.

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In addition to being a physician, he was a master pianist.


You made them do it, didn't you?

Julianto challenged John to a fight.

Urs ought to have arrived by now.

Lindsey has a high fever.

The dog attacked the three of us.


It was a bright and clear Sunday morning.


My list is quite long.


I'm glad Derek is OK.

You just turned the radio on.

An injury put the shortstop out of action.


This boat has six oars.

He is Sandayu Momochi.

Let's give up on our plan to eat at that restaurant.

I take a vacation this week.

You can depend on Rick.

We've had a lot of rain this month.

We chose Henry captain of our team.


I've got to stay on top of things.